My top five Christmas films

Christmas time is perfect for snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate or a cheeky glass of mulled wine and enjoying some great movies. Here are some of my top choices to watch around the Christmas period…

1. The Nativity 

Underestimated by many but The Nativity is a classic and one of my absolute faves. The kids are adorable and yet hilarious. The auditions scene will always make me laugh. Martin Freeman is a gem in it too. I’m too old to be in a nativity play now and don’t know any kids to go and watch one to get in the Christmassy mood but this is a good substitute.  Such a feel good film and perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

2. The Holiday

I personally love the idea of swapping my lifestyle for a completely different one, only for a little bit though, which I think is part of the charm of The Holiday. I also love that both of the women are strong enough to up and go by themselves without a care in the world. Not to mention Kate Winslet preaches on how it actually feels to get dumped and Diaz shows the other side of it too. With some romance in there too, it’s perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and some mulled wine.

3. Santa Claus

As a family we watch the Santa Claus’ films every year, without fail for as long as I can remember. My favourite is of course the first. Tim Allen becoming Santa Claus is so fun to watch and the kid that plays Charlie melts my heart. A family fave.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

A classic Christmas tale, the muppets and Michael Caine. Honestly, what more could you need? I did A Christmas Carol as a Christmas play for school one year, so that may be why I have a soft spot for it, or because my dad makes us watch at least 3 versions of A Christmas Carol or Scrooge each year either way, this one is my favourite and a good reminder of what Christmas is all about.

5. Die Hard

A controversial pick, however, for me this is 100% a Christmas film. It is also a film with Christmas memories. I remember when I was first allowed to stay up and watch it with my dad after one particular stressful food shop. I stayed up and I loved it! Within all the classic Christmas cheer and typical romance, it’s sometimes nice to take a break from it all and have a little action! Each year, my brother, dad and I sit and watch Die Hard. Each year my mum and sister try to argue it isn’t really a Christmas film. Traditions.

Let me know what your favourite Christmas films are!

Love Becky xx


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