8 things every Brit learns when they work at an American summer camp

1. Language differences.

Biscuits become cookies. Scones become biscuits. (They’re breakfast food) Crisps become chips. (Cheesy chips is not what you think! It’s nacho cheese and crisps, you’ve been warned.)   Pavements become sidewalks. Trackies become sweatpants. Worst of all you start picking up their slang too!

2. You didn’t know what supersize really meant until you saw an America supersize. 

A supersize at home may be nothing to you, that’s around their regular size. 

3. Two fingers? Not swearing, it’s ‘peace’.

When your kid does it they don’t realise they’re flipping you off, be careful with how you proceed…

4. Geography may not be their strong suit but they want to know more. 

Although upon your arrival they may ask if you’re from Australia and then really not know much about the UK, they will ask a million questions to learn about where you’re from! 

5. The patriotism is real and it’s strong!

Flags, American flags everywhere! If your camp is anything like mine, you also have the raising and taking down of the flag each day with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Which you will also learn by heart and how to correctly fold an American flag) The believe their country is the best and will fight with you if you push them too far.  

6. American chocolate has nothing on British chocolate and s’mores are as big a deal as you think. 

But their chocolate ruins it. Hershey’s… ick. 

7. What to go out for dinner? Math is involved. 

Tipping is a big deal in America as waitresses and waiters really aren’t paid much, they rely on tips. So bear this in mind when you’re budgeting your meal. 

8. American’s are generally super friendly. Especially the ones you find working at a summer camp.

Need a place to crash during your post-camp travels? Camp friends will offer or have a family member/friend who can help out too. It isn’t strange, take them up on the offer! Not only is it a free place to stay but you’ll often hear of better places to check out rather than typical tourist spots! 

Love Becky xx


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