Review: Balans Soho Society, Kensington

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. I love it, it’s the perfect way to start the day.  Which is why it’s fitting that my first review is about a brunch.  On Sunday 27th November, I went for Brunch at Balans Soho Society. Here is what I thought.

My visit to Balans started off strangely. I had made my reservation earlier in the week, you can book online on their website: or over the phone. I arrived after having made a reservation earlier in the week to be told that they don’t take reservations after 10:00. My reservation was for 10:15. However, thankfully they could fit myself and my good friend in.

The restaurant itself has a nice vibe. There is a recurring lock and key theme around the venue. The centre piece is a cute silver tree in the middle of room, which fits very well. It’s a large space, with enough room to be able to have a private conversation over your meal without worry of being overheard by the table next to you. Always a good thing when you’re catching up with a friend after months apart.

I was taken to my table at the back of the restaurant and oddly just left there. It was around another 15 minutes before someone came to offer us water at which point we were asked if we still needed menus. Clearly we had been forgotten about as we’d never received menus! While I understand restaurants can get busy and Sunday brunch is a busy time, once someone is seated, 15 minutes is a long time and a prime time to make an impression. A long wait time seemed to be a recurring issue at Balans I’m afraid.

Once we ordered our food, it was a long wait for food.


Eggs Benedict. Poached Eggs with avocado and toast.

Whereas, I normally wouldn’t necessarily mind a longer wait time for food, after waiting a long time to receive a menu, have our order taken and then to receive food I was bordering on hangry.


Our food did arrive eventually. I had Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and hollandaise on the side (I don’t like when they go over board with sauce). My friend had poached eggs with avocado and toast. It did look yummy, even if the plates did look rather big for the amount of food on them. We dug it and to begin with it was great.

fullsizerender-4I wish, I do really wish I could say the experience stayed good from then on and that the food blew us away. However, I had a lot of egg shell involved in my Eggs Benedict. I’m not quite sure how, but either way it wasn’t pleasant. It then took me around five minutes to get the waitresses attention who said she would let the kitchen know. Another ten minutes passed before she came back to let me know, she had let the kitchen know. Then she walked off. A few moments passed and came back to say I would get another single egg. Great. My replacement second egg came on a new plate, with the rest of the trimmings. This serving was much better.

It’s fair to say my experience wasn’t great. I was disappointed. The reviews had been positive on trip advisor and google+.  Now, Balans Soho Society does have other branches and so it may be one of their other branches may be better or perhaps I was there on a bad day. However, my experience does not rank highly.

I’m sorry to say I would not recommend Balans Soho Society in Kensington for brunch.

Love Becky xx


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