Five top tips on motivating yourself to get to that workout

I don’t know about you but for my the hardest part of my workout often comes before I even get to the gym or class, in fact its the act of getting my butt there. I find once I am there and I’ve warmed up, I’m ready to go. I am genuine when I say I love  working out and how it makes me feel. I just feel so energised and ready to take on the world. I won’t lie though, the getting to the gym and the first 10 minutes, I don’t love so much. So how do I motivate myself to get my foot in the door at the gym? Here are my tips for getting myself to the gym and starting my workout.

1. Routine 

You may have figured it out by now but I live by routines and organisation! So for me it’s really important to have a routine that’s easy for me to stick to. It’s makes it easier to get myself to gym because it’s already worked into my day. I take my gym kit to work so I can go on the way home. This way I have no excuses to not go. In fact it would be silly to carry my gym stuff with me all day and not go!

2. Location

Whilst picking my gym I had to be realistic once I get home from work it becomes a lot harder to motivate myself to go back out. Especially during the winter when it’s so cold and wet. Which is why I picked a gym which is on my way home from work. It means I literally go past it every work day so there’s no excuse of ‘it’s too much effort to get there’. Linking it back into my routine, going to the gym simply becomes an extended part of my work day.

3. Set realistic goals

To put it simply and in a classic cliche: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a  day.’ So why would you expect any difference from your fitness level? You need to build up to things. Going from never going to the gym to going every day? Probably not realistic. Going from never doing weights to attempting the same weight routine as you saw that fitness insta account tell you about? Not this one either. Think about what will work for you, what is a realistic goal.

For me, on my first gym session back I had a simple goal, 5km on the treadmill. Notice how I didn’t say running. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run this completely first night back, however, I knew I could make it to 5km. So I did. I ran, power walked, walked, essentially crawled but on my feet to 5km. It took me a LONG time, but I did it and I felt great afterwards. The same applied to my weight routine. I had to go back to basics and back to the smallest weights whilst I built my strength back up.

As you build up your fitness and strength adjust your goals. Always set your goals for you! Don’t compare them to what you see on the internet.

4. Accountability 

Gym buddies are perfect for this.In an ideal world I’d have a gym buddy. This is how I got my butt to the gym during university. Arranging to go to the gym with a friend makes it so much harder to back out of, you don’t want to let them down! However, we aren’t always so lucky. Instead I still use my friends to make me go. I have a rule with them, if I don’t snap them a picture of myself at the gym at least 3 times a week they have the right to call me out on it. It’s simple but means someone is helping me stick to my goals and I can’t lie and pretend to be in the gym when they ask! Signing up for classes is another great way to make yourself go.

5. Listen to your body 

This one is key. There is no point pushing yourself too far because it will just hurt you in the long term. Some days will be better than others. Somedays I can run for 25 minutes no problem, others as soon as I start my knees scream at me to stop. That’s just the way bodies are sometimes. That doesn’t mean I skip a workout though, I just work around it and adjust my routine. There is nothing wrong about that. Long term it’s better to listen to your body and prevent further unnecessary pain.

Having said that if you’re body is telling you skip the workout, it’s exhausted and needs to just have a rest, that’s okay too. Just make sure you’re not ‘resting’ aka skipping out too often. It’s all about listening to what is right for you.

Love Becky xx



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