Taking the first steps to get across the pond

If you’ve read my posts on Camp Friendship then you know how much it means to me. You’ll know that I class Virginia as my second home. Well, I have some news,  soon, fingers crossed and all being well, it will be my home for eighteen months. How? You ask. I have accepted a full time job at Camp Friendship. This is all very exciting for me and I want to share it all with you.


How could I say no to this view at work?

I could go into all the details of the job but that isn’t the purpose of this particular blog or section. This blog is to mark the start of a new chapter, a chapter which involves me moving across the world and the challenges and triumphs that will come with it. There is so much involved in moving and settling in a new place. Moving and settling is stressful in the same country, I get to throw in the cultural and time zone differences!

Take this section as a guide perhaps, as I figure out things like how to make sure I get enough sentimental goods as well as clothes over there, how I sort out my new accommodation,  figuring out how I’m going to make new friends, oh and did I mention I don’t drive and I’m moving to a place where a driver’s license is pretty necessary to be able to get away from camp? There are plenty of adventures to be hard and I’m sure there will be lots of stories to tell.

I have just started the visa process and I know this step will be long and a little nerve wrecking. I’m quite the superstitious person so questioned a lot whether to preemptively write about this opportunity but ultimately decided it was worth it. I promise to share the good and the bad in this process.

(And no, before anyone asks Trump is a deterrent but he won’t keep me away from the place, job and people I love.)

Love Becky xx


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