Self-care ideas and inspo

If you read my blog last week on Self Care Sundays, you’ll know that I love to put aside a day for me. I usually make it Sunday so I feel relaxed and ready for the week ahead. However, that’s not to say self-care has to be restricted to one day, I also try to make sure I do something, no matter how small, each day to help me feel a bit better. Once you get into the habit of it, it’s super easy. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

Self care and self prep Sundays:

I love being organised and feeling like I have myself together. I love planning and lists! For this reason, prepping myself for the week ahead is one of the best ways I can take care of myself before the week begins. What does this include?

  1. Food shop

    • Doing one big shop at the start or end, depending on how you see it helps me get ready for the week because let’s be honest, food is everything. Before I go I think about what I’m going to eat for the week and make sure I get everything I need. This means I don’t have to run to the shop mid-week to get that one ingredient I forgot. I just feel a bit more together when I have all my food ready. Not to mention it stops me wasting money just buying some snacks when I know I have food at home to use.
  2. Meal Prep

    • Prepping my lunches is super helpful for me! It means I don’t have the panic in the morning making sure I have food or spend an unnecessary amount of money on food during the week. It sets me up nicely!
  3. Workout Plan

    • If I have a plan I’m more determined to stick to it which makes bailing on working out make me feel that little bit extra guilty. It also lets me tick another ‘to-do’ off my list each day, which for an obsessive list maker is the best feeling.
  4. Plan for the week

    • img_2221

      I love my planner from!

      I like to know what I have on during the week. It means I won’t double book myself and I’m just more ready for what is to come. If I have a meeting I know to be prepared, if I’m seeing friends I know if I need to buy some wine to take over or I need to save because we’ll be splurging on dinner and I don’t need to prep dinner for that day! Don’t get me wrong I love spontaneous adventures too but they can only happen if I at least have some organisation in my life!





Okay, so I’m not great at this by myself. However, I do love the guided journalling. For example, my friend just bought me this awesome journal and it’s great for spending some time to myself to reflect and answer the questions it poses or complete the tasks set forward.



It’s not surprise that the planner and scheduler loves puzzles! Sudoko i
s a way for me to calm down and focus. There is a right way and a wrong way. I find it so therapeutic to sit and do some sudoko and figuring out how it will all fit. Also how pretty is my puzzle book?

TV Splurge

I don’t watch a great deal of TV, I have three or four shows I follow pretty religiously but that’s it. However, I definitely  have some guilty pleasures that I like to watch and dare I say it binge. For example, ‘Say Yes to the Dress’,’The West Wing’ and’Gilmore Girls’ (Hurry up November 25th!!) – they’re a bit of a mix! So sometimes I love to sit, snuggled in my blanket with my sweet and salty popcorn and lose myself in their worlds.


Of course! I started this blog to help me work through my thoughts and write through my problems. So when I need to work through something and I think it will help myself and others… I prep a blog!

These are just SOME of my many self care ideas and I’ll be sure to share some more in the future. Let me know your self care tips and ideas!!

Love Becky xx


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