Fitness? Becky? Surely not.

First, I’m just going to clarify one thing real quick. I am by no means a fitness expertnot even close. I mean it. This section of my blog is not meant to preach or claim otherwise. It’s simply, like the rest of my blog, a place for me to talk about my struggles and maybe, just maybe, be able to give some advice to people who have had similar struggles.

My weight and fitness has been something I’ve always struggled with, like so many other young people.


A real life depiction of me in the gym.

I’ve always been a bit ‘podgey’. Added to the fact I was always the bigger friend… if you’re been there you know the struggle. Every one is in tight dresses and you’re just like no thanks. Don’t get me wrong; I know I was never that big, I was just always very conscious. However, recently, I have put on a bit more than I’m happy with. You could say my winter weight came early for this year and next year.

Whilst numbers on a scale can be hurtful, really its what I see in the mirror that I dislike more. I am a big fan of body positivity and just want to feel comfortable in my body, which I don’t right now. I’m not happy with my body shape and so determined to get to a place where I am happy again. That is what this section is about, the challenges that come with that and hopefully successes too.

Now the weight aspect isn’t the only thing I want to change. I simply have to improve my fitness levels. I enjoy working out, I love how I feel afterwards and I need to get to back a fitness level that will make it more enjoyable and allow me to do more.

So you see, this fitness section is more about my journey to a happier self and trying new things along the way. Expect blogs on different fitness classes, struggles to get myself to the gym, maybe I’ll throw in some workouts and how working out helps my arthritis.

Love, Becky xx


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