Winter Ball

This night has been a highlight in my annual calendar for the past four years. The Politics Society’s Winter Ball is always one full of food, wine and dancing… three of my favourite things. So it comes without saying that it’s a night I look forward to every year. However, each year has been completely different and I’ve gone with different people. A testament to how different each of my years at university has been. Here is a little recap of the memories.

In first year my friend Natalie and I went. Not really knowing what to expect, we just thought it would be fun and an excuse to dress up. If you’re familiar with Exeter uni, you know that dressing up isn’t a regular occurrence. If you know me, it’s even rarer. Being naïve little freshers we decided we would be fashionably late and arrived just as the first course was being served! Worth it though for the pictures and the cheeky wine at mine beforehand! That wasn’t the only shock to the system that night though. A girl’s stereotypical nightmare happened. I was wearing the exact same outfit as a member of committee. And I mean outfit, not just the same dress but shoes too! I was mortified! She was the perfect stick figure and well I was not. Anyway,  the night went on. Natalie and I on a table with strangers but it was fine, we had fun. To this day, it’s still in my head as one of my favourite nights of first year.


Little freshers at their first winter ball 2012

Second year came round and of course I was so excited for the night based on the memories from the previous year. This year I went with my friend Em. Not going to make the same mistake again we made sure to meet earlier so that we would be on time! I firmly remember, however, our taxi arriving or as we called it ‘our carriage.’ I think it’s fair to say we enjoyed a glass of wine or three before leaving mine. From the back of the people carrier taxi we declared to the driver we were in our carriage on the way to the ball to meet our prince’s. Such fun. The night only got better from there. I was, however, sat between two couples. Both of which I was very good friends with but not something I’d do again. I love you all (because I know you’re reading this.. or better be) but next time I’ll sit opposite!


Post carriage ride to the ball 2013

Third year came. The year I thought would be my final year at university and my final winter ball. (Little did I know) This year two of my housemates were President and VP of Politics Society and so we had a collection of people over. I already knew this year would be the best one yet. It wasn’t just the normal group from the previous balls, but some newbies too. Having more than just myself and I friend getting ready together meant the whole affair was just more social. Everyone was in such great spirits and I just remember everyone being so happy. My table was great, full of good friends and new friends to be made and the conversation hilarious! However, on a serious note my poppy seed was stolen which I was not happy about (You know who you are) but on a grand scale of things I’ll live.


Winter Ball 2014

So it’s safe to say I was looking forward to this year’s ball, especially in light of recent events. A chance to let down my hair and just relax, the night didn’t disappoint. The ball was on Thursday and whilst I had every intention of posting this yesterday, well I think I had too much fun! I went with my friend Rhianna is this year. It was strange going back to winter ball not really knowing anyone. It was almost like a full circle back to first year, I was even wearing my dress from my freshers ball! In many ways this year feels like I am back in my first year. I’m back in halls, I barely know anyone in Exeter and I have to reflect on so many changes. Rhi and I always have a good time though so I wasn’t worried about that. This year was a bit different to years past. There was even a caricature artist! I’ve added the picture because it was just too fabulous not to. I had considered not going to the ball this year but I’m so glad I did.

So you see, each year I’ve gone with different friends, had a different experience but the one consistent, I’ve always had the time of my life.

Hope you enjoyed this little light hearted trip down memory lane after a few heavy posts!

Becky xx


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